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Plastic Series Update—May 2011

TOD Thin Brushes can now offer plastic backed strip or channel brushes for the "AntiStatic" applications. Our standard brushes can be modified for a plastic backed application and be molded into channels that are not easily achieved from metal backing.

The plastic backed brushes offer all conductivity classification from:

  1. Antistatic—measured by decay rate
  2. Static Dissipative (ESD)—quality measured in surface resistivity and resistance
  3. Conductive—quality measured in volume and surface resistivity
  4. EMI/RFI shielding—quality measured for decibel to attenuation

TOD Thin can manufacture using the latest in carbon black, carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes plastic technology with custom additives to achieve the required conductivity.

In Antistatic and Dissipative applications, the backing can be custom colored to the customer's specifications. The plastics can be designed for passing bio-compatibility, FDA standards, can meet ATEX requirements. Non-sloughing, non-migratory and humidity independent applications can be designed into the design.

The plastic backed series also has ATEX application to meet the requirements for surface resistance, RTI, Chemical resistance, low temperature impact, UV, high humidity aging and FR.

The plastic backing using the nannotube plastics reduce electrical "hot spots", and have low outgassing and ionic contamination while achieving good surface appearance.

The EMI shielding plastics offer a new application for plastic backed brushes in things such as sealing clean rooms. The effectiveness of the overall shielding above 89db offering an excellent rate of SE.

We have a series of thin slim brushes, which have achieved conductivity throughout the brush using all conductive materials in the design of the brush. In this series, we can achieve any desired filament pitch and can offer a fully conductive pressure sensitive application. This series utilizes the thinnest most conductive brush manufactured.

TOD Thin Brushes is excited about the new possibilities that can be designed into the plastic backed series of brushes.

Static Control Black Series—March 2011

Because the conductivity of the plastic far exceeds the conductivity of an aluminum backed antistatic brush, the plastic backed brush offers a higher standard of static control. The new Black series can be made as thin as .018", and offers a flexible backing, which cannot be achieved in aluminum backed brushes.

The Black series offers the latest in conductive static control, and with the new conductive pressure sensitive applicators, eliminates the need for external grounding mechanisms.

A variety of applications can be realized for anyone needing to achieve a higher degree of static control not realized in aluminum backed strip brush.

TOD Thin Brushes can customize the Static Control Black Series of conductive plastic brushes to meet the clients needs replacing any aluminum backed strip brushes while offering a greater degree of static control properties.

For additional information, please mail us at .

Management—January 2011

In 2010, TOD Thin Brushes celebrated its 50th Anniversary, We would like to thank all our clients and vendors for your continued support.

In 2011, TOD Thin Brushes had moved into its 3rd generation family ownership. Brian Bonnema assumed the position of President of TOD Thin Brushes Inc.

Mr. Bonnema has a BS degree in Financial Management and MBA in International Finance, and post grad in Biomedical Science. He is also the founder's grandson, Mr. Thomas D. Oliver, an inventor and a respected Engineer who has pioneered the process in manufacturing thin strip brush and now considered to be a standard in the industry.

TOD Thin Brushes is beginning the ISO 9001 certification program for 2011. We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities to better serve the needs of our clients. We are also retooling the facility for new product development with improved quality control methods.

TOD Thin Brushes has joined the American Brush Manufacturing Association in an effort to expand our operations and be active in the brush manufacturing community.

We are excited to embark on our new challenge and will continue its legacy of innovation and commitment to quality in special brush application industry.